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Serafina, New York NY
Serafina Lafayette
393 Lafayette Ave
New York, NY 10003

Serafina Broadway
210 W. 55th St. @ Broadway
New York, NY 1oo19

Serafina @ The Time Hotel
224 W. 49th St.
New York, NY 10019

First of all, if you’re broke, dont go to this restaurant unless someone else is paying, because its expensive! lol well Im cheap so it may not be expensive to you ($14.50-$24)

Its cute inside. Its considered a fancy restaurant..and its nice. Its not the fanciest, coziest place I’ve been to but its definitely nice and classy. I guess lol I have only gone to the one on Lafayette, but Im including several locations because Im nice. Anyhoo the atmosphere was quiet. I went around lunch time and it was pretty empty, which is probably why they closed.

The food is very good though! For some reason, my favorite part of going to fancy italian restaurants is the bread and olive oil they give you before you order lol. Sometimes I buy that, and eat it at home. I dont know why. I cant quite remember what I had (i was there a few months ago) I believe I had the salmon. I tend to often get salmon when I go places. I do remember it was very good! I was with a party of about 10 people and everyone was very happy and satisfied with their choices. The gelato is pretty yummy too!

I definitely recommend this restaurant. Just dont go over to Lafayette unless you want to hang out with crickets, because last time I was in that area, Serafina was long gone.

Going to the ones in midtown would be great if you’re a tourist because after you eat you can take in the sights! Get your walking shoes on because we WALK in NY. Go check out Times Square, Central Park, Radio City etc…being on West 55th street, youre smack dab in the center of all that. Go down in the train station, listen to some music, see some break dancing, give a bum some change…GOOD TIMES!

Chance Restaurant


Chance Restaurant
(Asian Bistro & Bar)
223 Smith St.
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 242-1515

Lunch $6.50-$9.50
Dinner $8.00-$18.00

Seating Area

Chance is MY SHYT! Their food is sooooo good. The atmosphere is very cute. You know Thai restaurants are always decorated all JETSON STYLE! Its kind of a small place but not too crowded (unless you go on a Friday). They have a bar so all the Friday after work peeps crowd in for stress relief drinks.

Ive had a few different dishes from there.
1. Orange Crispy Beef:
Ive had it as the lunch special in the bento box..its about $7.50 as a lunch special. Its soooo good! the beef really is nice and crispy..its a little on the spicy side but its yummy! And they give you nice small pieces of beef that are easy to chew. I think thats their idea of being cheap with the beef since its a lunch special. Because I notice the beef pieces are bigger if you get it as dinner. I PREFER the small pieces. For dinner I try to get them to cut it small but they just dont get it! Its still good though! For dinner its around $15.

2. Sesame Salmon:
EFFING AMAZING!!!! Just make sure you get it well done! I cant stand salmon thats not well done. And if I were you, id get the sauce on the side. The sauce is good, but I like to control my sauce amounts. It comes with rice, but Thai restaurants seem to be cheap with the rice so I usually get an extra helping (my fat ass lol). It might be enough for YOU, but Im a big rice fan and I cant stand “rice cheapness”. DONT BE CHEAP WITH THE RICE!

3. Crispy Shrimp;
Again GOOOOOOOD AS HAYELL! But I’d say again get the sauce on the side! I love that it comes in this crispy bowl shaped thing that you can eat. The bowl thingy is sooo tasty and crunchy and fun to eat. If you bring a kid there (even though its really no restaurant for a child, ive seen kids there), this might be a good dish for them but again get the sauce on the side. This dish is about $16

4. Chicken Pad Thai:
The pad thai is good but it doesnt stand out. Maybe its better if you eat it IN the restaurant. I took mine to go. I have no complaints about it at all…but I dont have any acceptional rants and raves about it either. Id say make sure you tell them NO BEAN SPROUTS. But I say that EVERY time I eat pad thai or ANY asian food that I think would have bean sprouts in them. I cant STAND bean sprouts. They look like sperm cells (eew) lmao…did I just turn you off of bean sprouts? Sorry! but GOOD! you dont need to be eating them anyway cuz theyre nastay! lol I recall this dish being around $10

5. Spare Ribs (appetizer):
The ribs are deeelicious. Its a good appetizer to share and bond over. But the weird thing is they give you 5 ribs. WHY NOT 6? I hate odd numbered dishes, cuz then when the last one is left, it leaves the situation awkward. COME ON! lol. The sauce is kinda sweet! Make sure you get them well done though! And get extra wet naps! Its kinda messy, but aside from that the wet naps are nice and big, and strong! Theyre like wash rags! I like to get an extra one and slip one in my bag for later. (not to wash my ass! be quiet! i just like to have one just in case i want to wash my hands and not near a sink lol)

The wait staff is very friendly and attentive! Make sure you tip them well! One time I forgot to get the sauce on the side, and i was a little annoyed with myself..but since it wasnt the waiter’s fault, i sucked it up and dealt with it. It was good dont get me wrong, but better with sauce on the side. Anyway, the waiter felt bad about it and gave me free ice cream. I thought that was sweet. BUT DONT GO THERE PRETENDING TO BE UNHAPPY WITH YOUR ORDER TO GET FREE ICE CREAM! Im a regular customer there so they know me! DONT TRY IT!

I strongly recommend going to this restaurant. Its cute, clean, friendly, cozy, good background music (not too loud)..and its not in the hood so you wont get mugged. Well YOU MIGHT NOT. To me New York as a WHOLE is the hood, anything can happen ANYWHERE…but this place is in a decent neighborhood. And when you come out of the restaurant, there are some cute little boutiques and stores around there so you can get your shop on!

If you’re loud and ghetto, dont go over there..because this restaurant and this area is not FOR YOU! Its a peaceful area so dont go over there fuckin it up! Go to the chinese restaurant (see King Food)!


Im a true New Yorker so dont ask me about car directions, but you can take the G train (i forgot which stop…maybe to Bergen street? or one of those stops in that area lol.)
You can also take the A, C, or F train to Jay Street Borough Hall and then walk straight up Smith St.

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Whassup people…
I bet you’re wondering what da HAYELL a greedy snob is and why i have a website for it. Well…I AM a greedy least thats what my friends tell me. I love to eat..but as much as I eat, I am EXTREMELY picky, and funny about my food and I have insane food preferences and Im probably a little annoying when i go to restaurants lol. Just a smidgen!

My friend told me YOU’RE SO PICKY! you should be a restaurant critic..and I said “who the hell cares what I SAY? who the hell would pay me to talk about restaurants?”. But I realized this is the day of the blog so I can talk about whatever i want on the internet…i dont need anyones permission! And if I get enough hits, maybe someone will pay me for ads.

So on this site, you will hear about the restaurants I have gone to, and whats good and bad about them…and whether you should get your food well done, sauce on the side, etc. If youre picky like me, this is the place for you.

Also, if you have a restaurant in mind that you want a review on, make a suggestion, maybe I’ll go…then I can come back and tell you how much it sucks! hahaha

BTW Im in NYC so most of these restaurants will be about NYC spots, however, I travel here and there and will be sure to post about places outside of NY and maybe even outside the country.