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Bed Stuy Fish Fry


801 Halsey St., Brooklyn, NY 11233 (347) 405-9820 Whoever says living in the hood is a bad thing has been misinformed. Sure there may be a shoot out here, or a robbery there. But if there has never been a shooting or a robbery in or near your New York City neighborhood, RAISE YOUR HAND! […]



My Auntie’s house Ok this post is not about any restaurant! But I just wanted to give a shout out to my Aunt Renee who is one of my ALL TIME favorite cooks! She is the QUEEN of frying! She can fry ANYTHING and it always comes out perfect. I hate when I hear someone […]

First Dibs on Ribs (formerly The Rib Cage)


55 Ralph Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11221-3608 (718) 455-0155 Dear “Rib Cage”, Why did you change your name? I thought the name was fun and clever. “First Dibs On Ribs” is way too long. I had fun saying, “Lets go to the rib cage!” Anyhoo…I’m not here to post about your name, I’m here to post […]