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Sweet Victory! (the Insomnia Saga concludes)


Im typing this as I chow down on soft, yummy oatmeal Insomnia cookies. So Im sure you know what THAT means… I exchanged my cookies! I told you their asses were not gonna rest until I got new cookies! Heres how it went down: I went into the store today and I see this brunette […]

Insomnia Cookies’ First Demerit!


I guess I spoke too soon when I gave Insomnia Cookies (the one on 8th street in Greenwich Village) a good review! Insomnia is officially on my shit list! If they don’t give me my 4 dollars back THEY’RE gonna have insomnia! Im not gonna let them rest until I get what I want! I […]

Come on Insomnia!


Im gonna need for Insomnia Cookies to get their act together! I bought some hard ass crunchy cookies from them today! If I wanted some hard, dusty, stale tasting cookies, I would have gotten Chips Ahoy! I dont go to Insomnia for crunch! I go there for moist, chewy deliciousness! This is the 2nd time […]

Coffee Shop (Union Square)


(212) 243-7969 29 Union Sq W Ste 1 New York, NY 10003 Well…I WOULD give you a review on this place, but I cant. I think Im too black to eat in there! This place is the WORST! Now I guess I cant say that for the entire establishment and everyone in it, but I […]