GreedySnob.com is a description of its owner (who will remain nameless).

This website was started after a friend (Hi Matt!) suggested I start a blog rating restaurants since I’m so particular about everything pertaining to food. I tend to be strongly opinionated when it comes to places to dine. I also tend to over-saturate myself with my favorite foods from my favorite places until I’m sick of them and (almost) never want to see them again. I don’t recommend doing that.

My friend had the nerrrrrrrve to tell me that he cant believe how picky I am considering I’m so damn greedy (and no I’m not fat….YET). I like things a certain way and I’m sure to make these specifications when needed. I was once told that I’m a “snob” because I’m not overly fond of eating in restaurants that don’t have a nice ambiance. Hey don’t blame me for having standards! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I will eat from a greasy hole in the wall or a fast food joint in a minute but I’ll take my food to go. That’s how I DO!

With that said, I’m sure there are a lot of people who have their own quirks and picky ways when it comes to their grub. And I am QUITE sure that there are a bunch of truly greedy mofos who don’t give a hot damn what they eat or where they eat it from.

This website chronicles the restaurants I visit and what I think of the food in GREAT detail. So, if you’re a restaurant owner, WATCH OUT cuz I’m coming! Not only will I express my likes and dislikes, but I’ll also let you know what kinds of requests aka improvements I tend to make from certain restaurants when ordering (ie: well done, no bean sprouts, extra sauce etc.) so that you can learn from my mistakes or make the same mistakes I make; however you see it.

I will be reviewing everything from 5 star restaurants to greasy spoons to carts on a New York City street corner, I will bring you the low down on any restaurant I visit. I may also sometimes have guest bloggers come on and describe their experiences.

Since I’m a New Yorker, most of my posts will be NYC related, but if I go out of town I will definitely post those experiences as well. With that said, if you’re a tourist in New York City and looking for the places to go and places to avoid, this is the place to be.

Also, if you would like me to be your “guinea pig” and try out a restaurant for review, just let me know and I will be happy to oblige! Any excuse to get my grub on. Just hop on over to the contact section and leave me a message.

Enjoy the site and happy grubbing!

Greedy Snob