345 Seventh Avenue
NY NY 10001

So a couple of weeks ago I walked passed tiny restaurant with a line going outside the door. Of course being as nosy as I am, I decided to go and investigate. The line was to get inside of Mexicue, a new Mexican/Barbecue fusion restaurant (for lack of a better word. The place is very small. Theres really nowhere to sit aside from a thin counter across the window and 2 or 3 stools). Everyone waited outside eagerly with grins on their faces and drool on their lips waiting to try a new treat.

Their menu was pretty bare which makes sense for a new venture, but the little bit that was listed sounded delicious so i tried a few things and here is what I thought of them.

Short ribs taco ($4.00). Not good. The tortilla was grainy and the meat didnt have the best texture or taste. Honestly it tasted like beef jerky in a tortilla.

Berkshire Pulled Pork Slider ($3.50). Not good. I didnt like the flavor or texture of the bread, and the meat wasnt that good either. It tasted better than the taco, but it definitely wasnt worth 3.50. I mean HELLO!? Its a SLIDER, not a real sandwich!

Burnt ends Chili Slider ($3.50). The WORST slider I’ve ever had. It was full of meat tough slices of beef. I think they found the cheapest, lowest grade of beef they could find! It was tough, and gristly and just gross! Worst sandwich ever!

Spicy Potato Salad ($3.00): This was pretty good….the first time I tried it. But after having it a couple more times, each time tasting worse than the last, ive come to the conclusion that maybe it only tasted good in comparison to the other bad food next to it. The next time I had it, it tasted like it was mixed chipotle mayonnaise. I’m not in love with the taste of chipotle mayo, so maybe you’ll love it. I guess Im a glutton for punishment because I gave it a third try! This time they put too much paprika and the potatos werent cooked well enough! There is nothing worse than crunchy potatoes! If its not potato chips or fries, potatoes should not crunch. EW

The price of the potato salad went from 3 dollars to $2.50. I guess since they lowered the price, they had to lower the quality as well. *shrug*

I guess its safe to say that I do NOT like Mexicue….AT ALL! The food is bad. The prices are high and the portions are low! But with food that tastes like that, who needs big portions? If you decide to try this place for yourself, be prepared to spend 15 to 20 dollars if you actually want to get full. Everything is priced separately! There are no meals aside from “Rice Bowls”.

The rice bowls range in price from $8.50 to $10.50. So basically, whatever comes on a taco or in a slider can be turned into a rice bowl. Im not sure why something that costs $3.50 as a sandwich becomes 10 dollars just because you add some rice to it. And I wont find out because I definitely will not be eating from Mexicue again. I have a feeling there wont be much of a line coming out of there in the near future now that the novelty has warn off and people know what to expect. I doubt Mexicue will be around very long…especially with Chipotle right down the block.

Chipotle isnt my favorite restaurant, but at least their food is edible and they make great guacamole! I ordered chips and guac at Mexicue and they didnt have any guacamole! They were all out! How are you gonna be a mexican restaurant and not have guac! Thats like Popeyes being out of chicken (which i have also experienced but thats what I get for going to Popeyes…ew! the only thing worth eating there are the biscuits, but another story for another time.)

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