Korilla BBQ Truck

Korilla BBQ Truck
Somewhere in New York City

So I was strolling along in Chelsea today after teaching my aerobics class and I came across this food truck with a crowd around it! Of course anything with a crowd draws me to it, especially if its food related! So I got in line. THAT WAS THE BEST LINE I’VE EVER STOOD IN! Korilla BBQ is AMAZING! It was kind of odd to me at first…Korean BBQ in Tacos…Korea meets Mexico…hmmmm…but I couldnt pass up the opportunity to have Spicy Pork.

Ever since I had to my first Korean BBQ experience, I’ve been addicted to Spicy Pork! So of course i ordered the Spicy Pork Taco with Kimchi (and I didnt even have to cook it myself lol). And of course, being the greedy eater that I am, I wanted beef too! I know some people frown upon mixing meats but we fat azz Americans do that and we do it proudly! Lucky for us, the awesome (and cute) guys on the Korilla truck actually are all about substitutions! Since an order comes with 3 tacos…i got 2 spicy pork and one beef (bul go gi) taco. THEY WERE ALL DEELISH! I cant even tell you which one I liked better because I love them both.

They also have chicken and tofu, but I had to pass on the chicken because its thigh meat and I dont like dark meat. Tofu is cute but Im a meat eater, so if I was to get tofu, id mix it with meat lol! Im sure that defeats the whole tofu purpose. But in any case, Im sure all are great!

If you ever stumble upon the Korilla truck, definitely STOP BY and grab a burrito or a taco or just a chosun bowl! You wont be disappointed! Even if you’re not hungry, get something for later. Next time I see the truck (aka find it because I will be stalking them), Im gonna try their bacon and kimchi fried rice! That sounds so good! You can never go wrong with bacon! I know its hard to believe that I teach aerobics the way I eat…but hey..i have to keep my body in shape because if I didnt exercise i’d look this and THIS would be my theme song.

If you want to know where the Korilla BBQ truck is gonna be, be sure to follow them on twitter @KorillaBBQ and “like” their Facebook page. I wish I could LOVE their facebook page.

And hey, guy at the register CALL ME! Cuz you’re a cutie. Wait..i forgot to give you my number. Err…um…EMAIL ME! :-) lol

Check out more “Food Porn” below (click to enlarge)

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