Flight 151 – Best Burger EVER

Flight 151151 8th Ave.
New York NY10011
(Btwn 17th & 18th St)

Yesterday, I had the most AWESOME burger I’ve ever had in my life! Maybe I was just REALLY REALLY hungry! But I dont think so! The burger was just GREAT!

Soooo….I had a major craving for a burger yesterday. Which is kind of interesting for me, because I’m not overly fond of ground beef (or any ground meat for that matter). Not because I dont like the taste, but because the gristle scares me! If I get a piece of gristle in my mouth I kinda freak out! Often times I can be eating the best tasting burger or patty ever, but as soon as I get a piece of gristle or something hard in my mouth, I instantly lose my appetite and throw it away. Oddly, with the gristle phobia, I still crave burgers sometimes.

I’ve gone to plenty of burger joints with subpar burgers, like “Better Burger” who Ironically doesnt live up to the name. They should change their name to WORST BURGER! Especially their turkey burger! Its the most horrible burger i have ever had. Granted, I’ve never had a turkey burger tgat I liked (that I didnt cook myself), but I’ve at least had ones I could tolerate. Better Burger’s turkey burger is intolerable. And I let them know that on their “how are we doing” survey. But Im not here to talk about horrible burgers today, Im here to talk about an AWESOME ONE!

Flight 151 is a bar…not a restaurant. I was taking a leisurly stroll during lunch, and I saw a bunch of dudes happily and aggressively chowing down on this big, delicious looking burgers. So of course I had to get in on the action! I inquired with the waitress about which burger on the menu she liked…the veggie, the turkey or the good ole beef burger. She had no info on any of the burgers and oddly, started recommending OTHER restaurants. UMMM…..where they do DAT at? Apparently at Flight 151 lol

She starts telling me how she’s never had the burgers there, and how she’s partial to some awesome turkey burger she always eats at a restaurant called “Cafeteria” a few blocks down. Um….hunny? As much as you like Cafeteria, when you’re at work, you really should recommend your own food. Even if you’ve never had it, you can say that other people seem to love it, or something! I had a good mind to leave and go to Cafeteria! She had me scared! WTF was wrong with her food that she couldnt bring herself to recommend any of it?

Of course I didn’t want to be mean. She was a very nice waitress and I didnt want to get her in trouble so I stayed and boy am I glad I did! I went with the beef burger and curly fries! This was by far THEE best hamburger I have ever had in my life! The burger, in their “own marinate” was divine! It tasted kind of like A-1 sauce, so I think maybe they marinated it in a concoction of A-1 sauce amongst other seasonings! It was AWESOME! The burger was kind of flat and wide, which made it easy to bite into! the bun was so good that I even ate parts of the bun that had no burger on it! I dropped a morsel of my burger on the floor and wanted to cry. (Im such a fatty!) The curly fries were crisp and it was an all around enjoyable lunch (which seems hard for me to come by these days).

On top of that, the lunch was CHEAP! Well, cheap for New York City standards of course. This hefty sized burger and generous amount of curly fries (though I could have eaten more, but Im gready) only cost $7.95 (tax included) on the lunch menu! I will definitely be going back! I wish I had gone back today, but I was trying to be good and not have a burger 2 days in a row. I ended up having a horrible lunch from this Asian Fusion spot called Nooch! But thats another post!

If you’re ever in the Chelsea area of NYC and you have a mean craving for a burger, I HIGHLY recommend you try Flight 151! I liked it even better than 5 Guys!!!!

At the end of my meal, I told the waitress that the burger was great, and she proceeded to tell me that everyone tells her that they love that burger. Um…why didnt she tell me that when I asked for her recommendation? People are crazy as hell!